Innovative products featuring exclusive Microtech Complex Activator technology to overcome biotic and abiotic stress, increasing the absorption of nutrients.



Innovative products based on natural microorganisms useful for septic, deodorizing, hygiene and sanitary purposes.

First Agro Biotech conference

Research and development

Our bioactivator

Microtech Complex Activator, is a complex of microorganisms that promote the release of phytohormones in the rhizosphere, stimulating multiplication, cellular relaxation and radical development. They also increase the availability of nutrients in the soil and improve the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stresses.

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Investor Relations

This page allows investors to remain constantly informed about the company’s financial communications. In particular, the Investor Relations Office has the main objective of active communication with the aim of enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of MSBiotech S.p.A. at the financial community.

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Job recruiting

MSBIOTECH is a world leading Company in Green Biotechnology and operates in a vital and rapidly growing market. Innovation has a key-role in improving the company’s performances. We offer to our [...]