MSBIOTECHSPA environment division is pioneer in creating, developing and producing technologies and microbiological products based on natural useful microorganisms

The activity of MSBIOTECHSPA Environment is aimed at protecting the environment, working in the production and marketing of organic products to be applied in civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, in the remediation of contaminated lands, in odors control.The mission is the production and marketing of microorganisms and microbiological products and the provision of a proper technical assistance.


  • The use of highly innovative technologies
  • The aid of strong scientific base and experience



  • The management of assigned Bioremediation activities (both directly and managing the operational part related to products supply, assistance and analysis) or products supply only.
  • Activity of: Support for authorizations and microbiological study. The traditional Bioremediation and Phytoremediation technologies are empowered by the use of specific microorganisms, mycorrhizae, vegetable essences cultures, proper microbiological and agronomical management and technical devices.

Hygiene and odors controllers

Innovative products based on natural microorganisms useful for septic tanks and Imhoff pools, deodorizers and hygiene.

  • Technical assistance for their use.

Wastewater Treatment

Formulations based on natural microorganisms, designed for every step of biological wastewater treatmentplants, specifically aimed at solving every problem.

  • Also available: nutrients, antifoams, polyelectrolytes.