An alternative prevention medium to copper is Bacillus subtilis. The genus Bacillus belongs to the PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) group and comprises species of bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere with numerous beneficial activities.

Cabbage fly: using micro-organisms for containment

The use of the product Rizotech MB, which is based on viable spores of fungi of the genus Glomus spp. and Beauveria bassiana spp., ensures a rapid development of the root system, improving the plant's efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients and reducing the root system stress caused by cabbage fly larvae.

DUALTECH: The best solution for crop nutrition and restoration of tired soils

The combined use of natural organic matrices with the addition of selected microbial consortia represents a true innovation in the field of plant nutrition and the restoration of exploited soils, and enables production of very high qualitative and quantitative value.


Msbiotech, attentive to offering farmers innovative and effective solutions through the sustainable management of soil resources, proposes the use of FUNGY STAR in the autumn-winter fertilisation of orchards to restore the natural chemical and biological fertility of the soil, which is often affected by over-exploitation.

Solutions against apex rot in tomatoes

One of the biggest problems affecting tomato cultivation at this time is apical rot. This is an alteration of the tomato berries.

Foliar nutrition: 3 main mechanisms

In the course of their evolution, plants have developed several survival strategies and foliar uptake is one of these indispensable developed systems.

Preventing iron chlorosis by exploiting the probiotic action of microorganisms

Ferric chlorosis is an iron deficiency physiopathy that affects many plants more or less sensitive to the lack of this trace element.

Preventing bait sickness

This disease, long known in ancient Rome, is still poorly understood today with regard to aetiology, pathogenesis and epidemiology.

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