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PHYLLON SUGAR CU is a special formulation based on sugars extracted from vegetable tissues, specially developed to prevent and treat copper micro deficiencies.
The characteristic conformation of the carboxylic chains of simple sugars, allows the plant to easily carry the microelements bound to them, ensuring an immediate translocation and organization of the element supplied.

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EC fertilizer

Copper (sulphate) fertiliser solution
Water-soluble copper (Cu) 3,5%
w.s. 1,01 kg/lt
pH 2


PHYLLON SUGAR CU is generally compatible with the normal products used in agriculture.
It is not recommended to apply it with products containing mineral oils or in mixture with products with alkaline reaction. Place the product in the dispenser when it contains about half of the solution you intend to prepare; stirring facilitates mixing. When preparing the mixture, consider the conductivity of the water and its temperature, and adjust the doses to be used.

Raw materials: Copper sulphate.
Use only where there is a recognised need. Do not exceed the appropriate doses. The product is stable at ordinary pressure and temperature, store between 3°C and 30°C.

Crop Application Dose and method of use
Vegetables (tomato, pepper, aubergine, courgette, melon, etc.) Use 0.7 -1 l/ha during vegetative growth
Leaf vegetables (lettuce, endive, Swiss chard, etc.) Use 0.7 -1 l/ha during vegetative growth
Grapevine Use 0.7 -1 l/ha from fruit set to cluster closure
Strawberries Use 0.5 -1 l/ha fruit growth
Actinidia Use 0.7 -1 lt/ha fruit growth
Cereals Use 0,5 -1 lt/ha during vegetative development

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