Humic extracts from leonardite with KOH


PHYLLON SPRINT is a liquid formulation containing a high concentration of humic acids, which are the result of the transformation of the organic substance under particular sedimentation conditions.
Thanks to its content of humic extracts, Phyllon Sprint performs fundamental functions in the soil and in the plant. In the soil, they bind to mineral nutrients (in particular Phosphorus and Iron), facilitating their assimilation by the plants and preventing them from being insolubilised by lime.
Humic extracts also promote the degradation of pesticides, stimulating balanced biological activity in the soil.

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Specific action product

Humic extracts from Leonardite with KOH
Specific action product 14%
Total organic matter 70% s.s.
Humified organic substance as a percentage of organic substance 80% s.s.
Organic Nitrogen (N) 0,7% s.s.
C/N ratio 60

Extraction medium: potassium hydroxide (KOH)

Crop Application Dose and method of use
Vegetables (tomato, potato, pepper, aubergine, courgette, melon, etc.) Fertigation 1,5 -2L/1000mq
Leaf vegetables (lettuce, endive, Swiss chard, etc.) Fertigation 1,5 -2L/1000mq
Fruit trees Fertigation 30 - 50 L/ha
Fruit crops (citrus, vine, olive) Fertigation 40 - 60 L/ha
Fruit trees (apple, pear, vine, olive, actinidia, etc.) Fertigation 1,5 -2L/1000mq
Strawberries, small fruits Fertigation 1,5 -2L/1000mq
Fruit nurseries Fertigation 80 - 100 L/ha
Ornamental nurseries Fertigation 1,5 -2L/1000mq
Industrial tomatoes Fertigation 60 - 80L/ha
Maize Fertigation 40 - 60 L/ha

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