Phyllon N Slow 28


Phyllon N Slow 28 is a liquid fertiliser with a high nitrogen content in the three main forms:  Nitric 7%, Ammoniacal 7% and Ureic 14% and the presence of the nitrification inhibitor Diciandiamide (DCD). This special formulation allows the plant to modulate nitrogen uptake down to actual nutritional needs. Diciandiamide slows down the transformation of ammonia and urea nitrogen into the nitrate form.
This process is a considerable advantage for both the plant and the environment.  Phyllon N Slow 28 is also characterised by its innovative MICRO ACTIVE COMPLEX formulation, which promotes the development of specific microbial communities with probiotic actions on crops.

Pack da 5l
Pack da 20l
CONCIME CE Nitrogenous fertiliser solution with nitrification inhibitor Diciandiammide
Nitrogen (N) Total 28%
of which Nitrogen (N) Nitric 7%
Nitrogen (N) Ammoniacal 7%
Nitrogen (N) Ureic 14%

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