Active seed coat

Glomus + Bacillus spp.


ACTIVESEED COAT is a concentrated powder product specially formulated for the dry tanning of cereals. The product contains a mix of growth-promoting microorganisms useful for crop development and protection. ACTIVESEED COAT promotes crop growth by making the plant less susceptible to biotic and abiotic stresses. The special formulation facilitates seed germination by strengthening the root system of young seedlings. In addition, the intimate plant-microorganism relationship contributes to the absorption of nutrients into the soil, maximising fertiliser and manure inputs. ACTIVESEED COAT makes plants stronger, healthier and more resistant to drought and disease with positive effects on crop quality and productivity

Sack da 1kg


Specific action product

Type of organic soil conditioner: simple non-composted plant soil conditioner.
Content in mycorrhizae (Glomus spp.) 3 %
Rhizosphere bacteria content 5x108 UFC/g

Raw materials: inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi.
The product is stable at ordinary temperatures and pressures. Store at a temperature between 10°C and 35°C.
The product does not contain genetically modified organisms and pathogenic organisms (salmonella, faecal coliforms, aerobic mesophiles and nematode eggs).

Cereali autunno vernini (grano duro, grano tenero, avena, orzo, ecc.) Semina (direttamente nella tramoggia della seminatrice meccanica) Distribuire 200 gr per 100 kg di seme o 0,5-1 kg/ettaro circa direttamente nella tramoggia della seminatrice meccanica, alternando uno strato di seme ed uno di prodotto; oppure utilizzando qualsiasi altro mezzo che consenta una perfetta omogeneizzazione con il seme.

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