Products for the environment


  • Management of bioremediation activities on contract (either directly, or only managing the operational part related to the products supply, assistance and analysis) or only supplying products.
  • Activities of: Assistance for permits and Microbiological Investigation. The traditional technologies of Bioremediation and Phytoremediation are enhanced by the use of special microorganism cultivations, mycorrhizas, plant essences, correct microbiological and agronomic management and technological devices. Bioremediation and Phytoremediation are enhanced through the use of special cultures of microorganisms, mycorrhizae, plant essences, correct microbiological and agronomic management and technological devices.

Odours and hygiene

  • Innovative products based on natural micro-organisms useful for Septic and Imhoff tanks, Deodorization, Hygiene and Sanitary.
  • Technical assistance activities for their use.
Bioactivator for septic tanks and Imhoff tanks
Bioactive deodoriser

Wastewater treatment

Formulas based on natural micro-organisms, designed for each process step of biological treatment plants, which due to their specificity are able to solve all kinds of problems. They are available:
Nutrients, antifoams, polyelectrolytes
Starter and enhancer for bio depurative treatment processes with sludge and other uses.

Flocculants line

Biological activator in powder form
Multi-purpose biodegradator and biostarter
Surfactant molecule degradator
Nitrifying product
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