Products for agriculture

Products for agriculture MSBIOTECH

MSBIOTECH products are characterized by a consortium of growth promoting microorganisms, with probiotic action, which by coming into contact with the plant increase its growth potential and at the same induce its natural resistance against pathogenic antagonists.

MSBIOTECH offers a complete range of products ranging from microbiological biostimulants and inoculations of mycorrhizal fungi to nutrition products to finish with fertigation, special foliar and microelements.


Innovative products characterised by the exclusive "Microtech Technology" able to ensure that crops overcome biotic and abiotic stresses, increasing their ability to absorb and utilise nutrients. Microtech enhances the advantages of using mycorrhizae and sets a new quality standard.


The Twintech line combines nutritional action with beneficial natural micro-organisms that assist the plant in overcoming biotic and abiotic stresses.


The Rigenera line consists of special nutritional formulations specially developed to restore the foliar and root microflora of particularly exploited soils.


Dualtech is the line that provides a dual benefit: it meets the nutritional needs of crops and provides organics enriched with controlled microflora.


Veratech liquid foliar fertilisers are the first product line for crop nutrition and biostimulation with Veratech Technology in combination with amino acids of plant origin.


The Phyllon line is characterised by formulations with a strong stimulating power on the vegetation that favour a harmonious development of both the hypogeal and epigeal parts.


Nutrytech is a line of water-soluble products and micro-nutrients with the addition of "Micro Active Complex" technology, allowing healthy and balanced plant development and better quality and quantity production.

Corroborants and adjuvants

To complete the range of plant nutrition products, MSBIOTECH has developed COORBORANT AND ADJUVANT products to optimise the application of its products and maximise their effectiveness.