Research and development

Msbiotech promotes innovation and competitiveness in the biotechnology sector, providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to individual and collective emerging needs, as well as finalizing development projects in order to strengthen competitiveness, making the best use of scientific methodology as a necessary and indispensable contribution.

Observing the work of those engaged in agriculture and those employed in the care and protection of the environment are the principles that inspire Msbiotech research.


It represents the heart of research & development and plays a central role in Msbiotech's strategy. It is a state-of-the-art laboratory in the sector and is composed of a team of researchers working full-time on research projects aimed at developing new, innovative and zero-residue formulations.

The activity of project follows the same principles as those who created this company: to offer innovative solutions for the care and nutrition of plants and for the protection of the environment.

The main objective of the project is the research (isolation, genomic and phenomic characterisation) and selection of various beneficial microorganisms as potential bio fertilising, biocontrol and phytoremediation agents, useful for sustainable and outstanding agriculture. These biotechnologies are aimed at stimulating the natural defences of plantsand preserving soil fertility from erosion and desertification.

The international markets targeted by these products are booming and their use will change the 'old' concept of farming.

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