Solutions against apex rot in tomatoes

One of the biggest problems affecting tomato cultivation at this time is apical rot. This is an apex rot of tomato berries that mainly affects the San Marzano and Cuor di Bue varieties, i.e. the longer and wider tomatoes.

What causes tomato apical rot?

apical tomato rot

Most studies have found that apex rot is not directly linked to the presence of pests, either animal or plant, but rather is triggered by several, often concomitant, causes, including intermittent irrigation, which occurs when periods of drought alternate with periods of excessive wetting, and calcium deficiency.


As we know, Calcium contributes to the formation of plant cell membranes, root development, slows down tissue ageing and gives fruit a greater capacity to resist stress.

In some cases, there is little calcium in the soil, in others it is insufficient, and in still others it is the plant itself that fails to absorb it and distribute it evenly to the fruit, leading to apical rot.

The solution to tomato apex rot

To deal with this problem, MSBIOTECH research and know-how have developed three solutions, the first of which can be used by foliar application, the second and third by foliar and root application:

  • PHYLLON COMPLEX CA from the PHYLLON Line is a Calcium-based fertiliser complexed with chelating agents that has a positive effect on the water balance of plant tissues and on the shelf-life of fruit and flowers, reducing the incidence of rot.
  • VERATECH CA is ideal for foliar or root fertilisation and for the treatment and prevention of calcium deficiencies, also in organic farming.
  • VERATECH KALTOP    calcium nitrate and magnesium solution in liquid formulation ideal for foliar and root applications

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