DUALTECH: The best solution for crop nutrition and restoration of tired soils

A low supply of organic matter reduces physical, chemical and biological fertility, preventing the soil from performing its functions properly. This results in tired, nutrient-depleted soils.


The combined use of natural organic matrices with the addition of selected microbial consortia represents a true innovation in the field of plant nutrition and the restoration of tired soils, and enables production of the highest quality and quantity.


The advantages brought about by the symbiotic association, which is established between fungi, bacteria and plant roots, are extraordinary:

    • Increased root surface area and volume (+ 700-800 %)
    • Improved quality and quantity production
    • Less sensitivity to water stress, nutritional deficiencies and salinity
    • Increased forage and protein units
    • Better and increased uptake of macro- and micro-nutrients
    • Increased efficiency of fertilisers
    • Agriculture with less environmental impact
    • Lower costs
      of production



This is why Msbiotech, keen to offer farmers innovative and effective solutions through the sustainable management of soil resources, proposes the use of the DUALTECH line  in the fertilisation of autumn-winter crops.

Organic and organo-mineral fertilisers meet the nutritional needs of crops and provide organic substances enriched with controlled microflora.

Formulated with micro active complex technology, they promote healthy and balanced plant development, regenerate the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil


This line, made with the exclusive formulation MICRO ACTIVE COMPLEXpromotes healthy and balanced plant development and regenerates the physical/chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, with a mix of natural substances expertly dosed to enhance the probiotic effects of microorganisms for soil and plant health. Our micro active complex enables self-defence activation, root development and nutritional efficiency.

Among the products in the Dualtech line, we can find organic fertilisers such as the DUALTECH NPK 4-8-10 with high humic and fulvic carbon content, designed for use on tree and horticultural crops in organic farming, or the mineral organ DUALTECH NPK 18-7-9



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