About us

The Company

Msbiotech was born from the awareness that every plant can express its maximum performance only if it is in balance with the environment. Thanks to its microbiological know-how, msbiotech products combine the potential of microorganisms with organic nutritional matrices to increase plant productivity while reducing the environmental impact of the cultivation process.

Today, the company is involved in a project where the main objective is to become the ally not only of farmers but also of operators involved in the preservation and protection of the environment, thanks to its products, which are the result of the transformation of natural elements, natural organic matrices and probiotic soil micro-organisms, designed to provide modern agriculture with a guarantee of quality and safety in the environment.


The great passion for nature, the observation of what it can give us if respected and managed with balance have always been the inspiration for this project.

Nature and its protection are still the elements that guide our choices and vision of a sustainable future.

The MSBIOTECH project follows the same principles as those who created this company: to offer innovative solutions for the care and nutrition of plants and for the protection of the environment.

Green Biotechnology

The company has been active in the nutrition market for many years and gets its vital energy from its passion and respect for nature. (Green biotechnology) Green biotechnology is a synthesis of our values and objectives, because we use our knowledge (know-how) in the microbiological field to create products that support modern agriculture and protect the environment.


Research and development

Msbiotech promotes innovation and competitiveness in the biotechnology sector, providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to individual and collective emerging needs, as well as finalizing development projects in order to strengthen competitiveness, making the best use of scientific methodology as a necessary and indispensable contribution.

Observing the work of those engaged in agriculture and those employed in the care and protection of the environment are the principles that inspire Msbiotech research.

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