The MSBIOTECH Environment Division is at the leading edge in the creation, development and production of microbiological technologies and products based on natural beneficial microorganisms.

The activity of MSBIOTECH Environment The activity of MSBIOTECH Environment is aimed at environmental protection, production and marketing of microbiological products to be applied in waste water treatment plants (civil and industrial), in the remediation of contaminated land and in odour control. Key features:the use of highly innovative technologies and consolidated scientific knowledge and professional experience



We manage the assigned Reclamation activities (directly or by managing the operational part related to the supply, service and analysis of products) or the product supply.
Activities of: Support for authorisations and microbiological study. Traditional Bioremediation and Phytoremediation technologies are enhanced by the use of specific microorganisms, mycorrhizae, microbial cultures and plant essences, proper microbiological and agronomic management and technical devices.

Hygiene and odour control

Innovative products based on natural microorganisms useful for septic tanks and Imhoff tanks, deodorants and hygiene.
We provide support and technical assistance.

Wastewater treatment

Formulations based on natural micro-organisms, designed for every stage of biological wastewater treatment, specifically aimed at solving every problem.
We also have acidifiers, defoamers, polyelectrolytes.

Products for the environment

MSBIOTECH products are developed on the basis of new, high quality standards, guaranteed by renewed production processes and the careful selection of raw materials.
La divisione MSBIOTECH ambiente è specializzata nella realizzazione di tecnologie e prodotti microbiologici basati su microrganismi utili naturali.
Le nostre linee prodotto sono caratterizzate da un utilizzo di tecnologie fortemente innovative e un supporto scientifico avvalorato da una grande esperienza nel settore.

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