Research and development in agriculture

In order to make the most complex solutions accessible and concrete, MSBIOTECH focuses its attention on the utilisation of micro-organisms, which combined with natural organic matrices increase agricultural productivity while respecting the environment. The use of microbiology makes it possible to introduce solutions that maximise nutritional efficiency, reduce plant stress and increase the quality and quantity of production.

Modalità d’azione ed effetti sulla pianta

Microbial pools

They represent a highly concentrated pool of multitasking soil microbes: PGPR bacteria and fungi. They promote the release of phytohormones such as auxins into the rhizosphere and stimulate multiplication, cell relaxation and root development; they also increase the availability of nutrients in the soil, especially Phosphorus and microelements (Iron, Manganese, Zinc, etc.). Last but not least, they inhibit development and competition for space and nutrients against many pathogenic fungal species.

Intelligent Microorganisms



An acronym for Plant Growth Promoting Ryzobacteria, and fungus are the super " all-rounders" of the microbial community. They colonise the roots, improving plant growth. They release phytohormones into the rhizosphere, such as auxins, which stimulate the multiplication, stretching and growth of root cells; they increase the availability of nutrients in the soil, particularly phosphorus and trace elements (iron, manganese, zinc, etc.).



Forniscono un valido aiuto alla pianta nell’assorbimento di acqua ed elementi nutritivi. Sono un esempio di simbiosi mutualistica tra un fungo e le radici delle piante: il primo riceve dalla pianta i carboidrati necessari per la crescita e allo stesso tempo la pianta assorbe meglio acqua e sali minerali (fosforo, ferro, ecc.) resi disponibili dal fungo stesso. Le piante micorrizate sono più sane e vigorose, resistendo meglio agli stress biotici ed abiotici.



They provide a valuable aid in the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant. They are an example of a mutualistic symbiosis between a fungus and the plant roots: the fungus receives the carbohydrates necessary for growth from the plant and at the same time the plant better absorbs water and mineral salts (phosphorus, iron, etc.) made available by the fungus itself. Mycorrhized plants are healthier and more vigorous, resisting better to biotic and abiotic stresses.

I Prodotti per l’agricoltura

MSBIOTECH products are developed on the basis of new, high quality standards, guaranteed by renewed production processes and the careful selection of raw materials.

A complete range of products to satisfy the multiple needs of the agricultural world: from microbiological bio stimulants and inoculations of mycorrhizal fungi (born from microbiological research, able to enhance plant performance) to nutrition products (organic soil conditioners and enriched mineral organoids), to end with fertigators, special leaf fertilizers and microelements.

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